needing veggies pho real

Tofu, vegetable, and beef pho from 888

Having been lurched back into the workweek with nary a moment to go grocery shopping, Carson and I sought solace and cheap eats at 888 Pan-Asian last night.  I also wanted something chock full of vegetables since I can count on one hand the number of green things I've had since sxsw invaded.  Yikes!

Their version of the near-therapeutic Vietnamese soup wasn't pho-nomenal (I prefer Kim Phung or Pho Saigon personally), but 888 is close to home and I like to think I'm slowly working my way through their novella of a menu to discover what my favorites are.  So far, I'm thinking clay hot pots or lemongrass...anything.

Carson, on the other hand, is totally happy ordering General Tso's chicken each time we go.  (How do you say "gringo" in Chinese?)  :)