family trip to the vet

Doodle was due for his annual shots and the kitties were looong overdue so we decided to take the whole crew together.  What a production that was!  I have gashing wounds all over my hands from wrestling the cats into their carrier.  They pulled some unbelievable ninja moves to avoid getting in that thing (though hopefully they realized, once in there, that they were riding in a CAT LIMO....a seriously sweet ride).  Chef was all dog smiles for the most part, when he wasn't whining in eager anticipation of what was to come.

Black Betty is getting chunky, according to the doctor. I know you can't tell (she wears it well).. but you can see on the scale she's a whopping 10 lbs now!

Gypsy (8 lbs) is practically perfect, but I already knew that.  :)  She was also clinging on for dear life in the office while we waited for the vet.  She never lets anyone hold her this long! 

Welp, that's all over and done with...until next year!