I done did it.

That's right: I bit the bullet and joined el blogosphere.

Or shall I say re-joined? I did attempt a blog for a period of time in 2006 (oy gevalt!), when I was a fresh-faced young'un, just recently arrived in Austin by way of the Northeast. HA! Just read through that before pressing *delete*.  What a wordy, winding throw-back that was! And how loose-lipped I was with it, gossiping on like an old biddy! It read more like a sorry excuse for a diary...I promise this new and improved blog will never go that route! And if it starts to, I'll at least keep it tasty! :)

So here I am. I've decided I've been doing enough complaining ("Everyone has a blog nowadays! It's like that's all that matters!" "I prefer print journalism-- doesn't that mean anything to anyone anymore??")

I've decided to join the masses. I am blogger. Hear me type.

Don't get me wrong: I still prefer print journalism. Nothing like seeing your article printed in full color and holding it in your hands...nothing like that tangible smell of ink on paper.