A Little Bit of Austin Fades Away

Austin lost a legend early this morning: our iconic, cross-dressing Leslie Cochran, eternal mayoral candidate.

I thought this article from Texas Monthly online was really well-written, and this Austinist post puts it in a nutshell the best: Austin is now a little less weird.  Make that a lot less weird!  Leslie was definitely the Queen of Keeping It Weird.  I hadn't been seeing too much of him in the past year.. but then you'd catch a glimpse of that barely thonged bottom meandering along a street somewhere and all was right in the world again.  

For me, Leslie always brought back memories of my very first experiences in this city, when I arrived in November of 2005.  The crisp scent of fire pit seemed to follow me around, I did a lot of two-stepping, spent more time in South Austin than probably the past five years combined, and Leslie sightings were quite a common occurrence.  Back then, he was always out and about-- strutting around on South Congress, changing in the bathroom of Jovitas, humoring drunk folks on Sixth Street by posing for novelty photos...

(I had a great one with him which I was going to post right...*here* but can't find anywhere...will keeping looking..even if I have to hack into my old Myspace account for it!)

Not to sound trite, but without Leslie, a little bit more of old-school-Austin faded away.  :(

Tonight at City Hall, at 5:30pm, they officially proclaimed tonight Leslie Day!  This will be followed by a Love for Leslie march down Sixth Street, with Leslie attire encouraged (tiaras, thongs, cheerleader skirts, boas).  This Sunday March 10th at 2pm there will be a memorial service open to the public at Auditorium Shores.