WWABG: Where Would Anthony Bourdain Go?

There's been considerable press about the ever-surly chef's latest visit to Austin...which unfortunately just ended yesterday, according to his Twitter.  The Austin Eater blog has been documenting his every move and reporting in a style they've dubbed Bourdain-a-razzi. 

I still don't know how we didn't cross paths somewhere along the way-- not even at Yellow Jacket, my local watering hole where he apparently hung out for quite a while one night (the ONE TIME I don't check my Facebook newsfeed...doh!)  Or you'd think maybe my pal Bryce Gilmore would've thought to invite me to have a beer with them at the Horseshoe Lounge.  I did, after all, write a feature on him and his awesome dad last summer!  ;) 

Ah well, until then, at least I have this photo w/ AB, from the last time he was in town and spoke at the Paramount Theater.  Until we meet again, Tony...