Gatsby-approved two-stepping

As if I didn't have enough going on, I decided to join a book club.  For several reasons:

1) I've never been a part of a book club before
2) I have awful ADD and could really use some club-sized pressure to start what I finish
3) the premise of the club is just too perfect for me: Books We Should Have Read in High School But Somehow Didn't

I was thrilled that The Great Gatsby was chosen as the first selection.  I'd always heard great things but somehow escaped high school without having read it-?  (Not really sure how, because it's not like I was skipping out on assignments.. English was my favorite class obvs!)  There are also countless others that are on my "to do" list... but with the stack of food magazines I still need to sift through and a blogroll that's getting a little out of control, I didn't really see myself getting to any classics anytime soon.. unless I had some social persuasion and the pressure of a deadline. 

And, even at that, I read the last half of the book right before our meeting.  I was literally reading the book in the car on the way there.  Even reading the last ten pages while Jamie went inside!  Well, if that's not procrastinating 'til the last minute, I don't know what is. 

But I did it.  And it was awesome.  I highly recommend it if you somehow haven't read it yet.  (And even if you have-- I appreciated it way more than my high school self would have!)  Our next book is Hemingway's Farewell to Arms.   (Although A Moveable Feast sits waiting on my dresser...and The Sun Also Rises has been on my "to-read" list forever..)  Some others I hope we hit include: 100 Years of Solitude, Love in the Time of Cholera, To Kill a Mockingbird (I have read this one but want to re-visit it), 1984, Siddhartha, Anna Karenina, Brave New World, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Candide, The Bell Jar... (wow, how did I graduate high school???)

After a couple martinis, our Gatsby talk turned into a dissection of Woody Allen movies after someone brought up the movie Midnight In Paris.  I love Woody Allen and added several more films to my "Movies To Watch" iphone notes (Melinda and Melinda, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Hannah and Her Sisters...)

Jamie and I left book club and I did a quick change (I was a bit go anywhere else, particularly a honkytonk. lol) and headed to the White Horse, where Mike and the Moonpies has a weekly event.  

I did a little unexpected two-stepping (which I love!  I wish Carson would come two-stepping with me... *hint hint*) and also got to see a couple college friends-- Volt, in from Houston, and Ben, visiting from CO with prospects of moving here...

No, that's not actually Neil Patrick Harris

Before I knew it, it was already 1:30am and running to Barbarella to catch the last couple songs sounded like a good idea.  Eeeeesh.  (So glad I didn't indulge.)  That's Austin for you: straight from a classics book club to a honkytonk and suddenly dancing downtown seems to be on the agenda. 

I think Gatsby would approve, that old sport!