off-the-hook and an almond croissant!

Thursday started with a bang.  I sat straight up in bed, realizing I'd slept late and needed to be in court in about 20 minutes, pleading not-guilty to a speeding violation (5 miles over!  I mean..really??).  After a mad scramble to get dressed and try not to look like I literally just rolled out of bed, I found myself ironically...well, slightly speeding...down 7th Street to get there.

Luckily, the downtown courthouse is super close to my house.  I also found a miraculous parking spot one block away.  Unfortunately, the girl in front of me couldn't operate the meter machine and I was about to jump right out of my skin.  I think she could see the panic in my eyes and let me go in front of her.  (Machine worked just fine.)  I bolted to the courthouse and into the elevator... oh God, there are multiple courts?? I picked a number and it happened to right.  I entered the courtroom as inconspicuously as possible, which was pretty conspicuous considering I had to check in with the clerk right next to the judge.  I sheepishly had a seat while the judge talked quietly to the clerk... and then they immediately called my name.  *gulp*

"Your case is dismissed."

Hallelujah!  I thanked the judge and apologized for being late, to which he just chuckled.  Verdict: Austin judges are cool! 

Time for a celebratory almond croissant and soy latte from Easy Tiger

I love me a croissant.  (I still haven't dared try my hand at baking any, but someday I will.)  And almond croissants are my absolute favorite.  The best one in Austin can be found at La Boite and are baked by Barrie Cullinan of Amity Bakery.  Balthazar-trained Cullinan has already been named of the Top Ten Bread Bakeries in the US by Bon Appetit and doesn't even have a brick-and-mortar shop yet.. cannot WAIT until that comes out and I am crossing all fingers and toes that she puts it on the eastside somewhere!)

Cullinan's almond croissants are made perfect by the salty-sweet golden brown crust of an exterior protecting a pillow of delicate, chewy layers inside... and dotted with savory brown almond slices.  The Easy Tiger croissant fell short in the crisp department and, because of that, the taste wasn't variegated either.  The whole thing was really the same-ish texture and flavor throughout.

But hey-- I got to start the day with an almond croissant, regardless, which doesn't happen often.  And the fact that I just narrowly avoided a $150 fee...made the morning that much sweeter.