OGHT! jay and regan take TX

Carson and I greeted them with this "OGHT!" sign.  What is oght, you ask?  Well... it's not something that can be defined in writing. You just have to experience it to know the oght.

Our friends Jay and Regan recently visited from Seattle for a brief four days.. and left completely stuffed and ready to go vegan for a little while.  (I think they think we survive primarily on brisket and beer...only when visitors are in town though, really!)

The first order of business was an Eastside Kings tour ... they'd heard about the trio Japanese-Korean trailers, most likely due to Paul Qui's recent Top Chef fame.  We started at The Grackle with the pork ribs (my personal favorite EK trailer)- melt in your mouth perfection! (and I'm not even a huge rib nut normally).  We stopped at Liberty but no one actually got any food there. In retrospect, I wish I'd gotten some beet fries for them to try.  Just for novelty purposes.  The last EK stop was Shangri La, where Jay got the pho buns and reported back with two thumbs up.

From there, we ventured downtown..where every out-of-towner must experience a stroll down 6th Street.  We found ourselves at Lovejoy's, a dark little gemstone tucked away in the belly of the beast.  Our ultimate destination was Red 7 but we got so carried away at Lovejoy's (and Jay found his favorite Belgian beer), so we ended up shutting the place down.

Grandpappy Dickey tells a story

Oght! Before getting pizza...

(and I promised them we wouldn't waste their time with Texas pizza! But Stony's is so good...)

Easter Sunday was eventful and food-filled, which you can read about here.  Then Monday night we had a little cookout, which involved chicken pineapple kebobs:

...and monster-sized goat cheddar and cream cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in thick bacon:

...among other delights (i.e. Carson's sirloin/provolone/proscuttio pinwheels, sadly not pictured)

spice up that slaw with some sriracha!

They also did a ton of other eating while I was at work on Monday and Tuesday, including a Franklin Barbecue experience and a mandatory Torchy's Taco stop.  The problem is, there's always MORE to EAT here!  Regan and Jay,  you have to come back soon..oght!