rest, relaxation, and oregano oil

I have been SO exhausted lately-- it's been one thing after another, with no time to catch up!  I've been burning the candle at both ends and, while I can normally juggle a silly amount of projects, I'm really feeling the repercussions this time.  I actually found myself taking a day off work today (which I NEVER do) because I felt sickness fast-approaching. And the last thing I need is anything keeping me from attending the Austin Food & Wine Festival this weekend, where I'll be reporting for Today!

My symptoms: well, it's been near impossible to get up each morning, even if I go to bed early, and my throat was starting to puff up too.  Turns out, a day of rest was exactly what I needed.  And a dose or two of oregano oil.  The stuff is magical!  It's been used since ancient Greece to cure everything from wounds to respiratory illnesses to athlete's foot.  I have avoided illness with it several times in the past year.. and fended off an already-started ear infection, I kid you not!  I just take it on a spoon of olive oil or in a glass of orange juice before bed and in the morning.  It is strong, so be warned (and mine's only 30-something%); definitely don't try to be a hero and take the stuff straight.  But do yourself a favor and invest in a bottle.  You can thank me later.