weeknight redfish in a pinch

Lately, I've been so busy, I haven't really been putting the time and devotion into cooking I'd like to.  Several days ago, I whipped up a tagliatelle pasta salad with prosciutto, basil, shaved zucchini, and ricotta salata, which I'd been bringing to work for lunch.  Sadly, I literally whipped this meal up at 2am one night after writing til my eyes were bloodshot.. hence, neither the act of creation nor the end product itself were blog-worthy.  Sad, right? Because it sounds delicious.  But it could've been much better.  And as for dinner? I'd been picking at awkward leftovers from Easter and our Monday night cook-out.

Well, once again, we were faced with a night of things-to-do.  While my things-to-do involved multiple deadlines, Carson was going to see Hunx and his Punx at the Mohawk.  Nevertheless, I was set on making a decently delicious dinner.  I considered it an exercise in speediness, since I do tend to dilly-dally in the kitchen... I picked up some redfish on sale at Central Market, as well as some Israeli (pearl) couscous.  While daydreaming at work, I had visualized the marriage of texture between brussel sprouts and pearl couscous... and I liked what I saw!

I already had celery, shallots, and a bit of a red onion, so that's what I chopped and laid under the redfish, which I seasoned with salt and pepper.  I sliced lemons (which I also had stockpiled in our fridge, leftover from some white sangria last weekend) and laid those across the fillet.  I set the oven to..oh, say 350...and stuck the fish in.  Meanwhile, I had chopped up the sprouts and tousled them a bit so they were coming apart, then began browning them in a cast iron skillet.  I cooked the pearl cous cous and added that in when the time was right.  Salt, pepper, lemon juice, and lemon zest.  Easy peasy!

The redfish was rather thick and taking a long time to cook all the way, so I did take it out and slice it several times to expedite the process.  (We were in a hurry, people!)  Once it was done, I transfered the veggies and fishy juice into a saucepan, cooked them down with some butter, added some white wine, reduced, and finished with some lemon juice.  Voila!  A shallot/white wine/lemon concoction that could have become a sauce had I the time for food processing.

The real star of this quick meal, though, was the sprout couscous.  I will be making that again very soon. Texture heaven.

There you have it: a fresh, tangy spring meal, Rachael-Ray-fast.