babies and burgers

We had two visitors this past weekend.. or should I say a visitor and a quarter?  Mary and little Margaux came a-calling from Seattle.  I got to share lil M's very first water experience with them! (and on Mother's Day no less!)  Can you believe this little cutie is only 6 months old??  That's an 18-month swimsuit right there! :)  (She is the daughter of two Very Tall People!!)

On Monday night, we had Mary & baby, her brother David, and Skip & the Dickey Bros over for a barbecue.  The Prestis were supposed to come as well but guess what-- more babies!-- Melissa is sooo close to having her baby that she is on bedrest and taking magnesium to try to delay labor.  So I need to be delivering her something delicious sometime very soon.  My poor Dawwn!

I can't go into too much detail on the potato salad, because Carson whipped that up while I was at work.  I recreated these brussel sprouts with Israeli coucous because..well, because it was delicious the first time..but also because I feel like it's still springy enough to serve a warm veggie dish in lieu of salad.  As for the burgers, he made these Cooks Illustrated Pub-Style Burgers with Pub Sauce (C has been obsessed with Cooks Illustrated and America's Test Kitchen...I just recently got him the giant cookbook).  Oddly enough, I could have sworn our cookbook at home called for half sirloin tips and half short ribs.  Anyhoo, he went FULL SHORT RIBS (and followed the rest of the recipe).  And it was delicious.  Not overly decadent at all!  And the pub sauce was a definite crowd pleaser.  I kind of want to dip everything in that from now on.

I also whipped up a quick peach crumble but, as you can see, it was underwhelming enough to not warrant a photo. :)  I'm glad grilling season has officially kicked off!