dim sum + kolaches + pizza= yes

I knew one thing for sure: I wasn't leaving Houston without dim sum.  However, deciding on a place was daunting.  Underbelly's Chris Shepherd had recommended his all-time favorite place, Honk Kong Dim Sum, last time I was in town.  However: no cart service there!  And call me old-fashioned, but half the fun of dim sum is the cart service!  So after poring through Yelp reviews where everyone really is a critic, I settled on Fung's Kitchen...it had about the same amount of stars as other places (3.5 seemed to be the Yelp average) and a promise of sharkfin soup! *Carson shakes head disapprovingly*

delicious mushroom rolls of some sort, shrimp shumai, and cream buns

sea snail salad

 Chinese broccoli with brown sauce

sharkfin dumplings *hangs head in shame* (I just wanted to try it!)

green tea cream rolls

Things like cart service and sushi conveyer belts/boats are dangerous things!  My eyes are always bigger than my stomach, but my stomach is pretty ambitious too (not pictured: barbecue pork buns, seaweed salad).  I would have been a little more adventurous in my ordering but the plates were pretty big and meant to be shared with a table of at least 4-5 people, rather than just the two of us.  In particular, I am remembering this awesome exchange:

me: "What's that?" (pointing)
server: "Oh, this-- this is very delicious!  But not for you-- only for Chinese people!"
me: *laughing* "Really?  What is it?"
server: "Duck tongue!"
me: "And it's really good?" *considering it, but it was a giant plate o' tongue! not just a couple slices*
server: "Yes, but not for you. For Chinese people!"

With that, she smiled and went on to the next table.  Awesome.

With full bellies and doggie bags, we got on the road back to Austin.  After taking 1-10 West to 71, we were soon met with our favorite Texas roadstop: Hruska's!  Located in the one horse town of Ellinger, TX, Hruska's has some of the best kolaches... comparable only to maybe Czech Stop.  I must say, though Texas has a lot of flat land to navigate through, at least we have these little country-twinged convenience stores specializing in Czech pastries!

<3 Hruska's!  Besides the kolaches, you'll find sparkling bathrooms, kitschy gift items... and it means Austin isn't too much further away.

freshly stocked because it was early enough in the afternoon! Come by at 4pm and they're fresh out!

word to the wise: pan sausage, jalapeno, and cheese

Now that Carson had his kolache fix and breakfast for the next week, we continued along 71, already planning dinner by the time we approached Austin.  Because we are crazy! meant for each other!  Grilled pizza was on the agenda.  We got home and unpacked a bit, slowly actualizating the reality that was Sunday night.  After a quick visit to the store and a swing by Eastside Pies for a ball of their sourdough crust (delicious and a time-saver), we were armed and ready to grill pizza.

garden fresh basil and oregano and a quick tomato sauce

Italian sausage and a grilled sourdough crust

It really can't be any easier... prep your toppings (we grilled and sliced red pepper, zucchini, and Italian sausage), oil the grill before cooking each side of the dough, then spread your sauce, toppings, and cheese on top, and close the grill top.  It will all melt together in glorious harmoy-- promise.  :)

 Ahhh.. there's no place like home.