dreamy poached duck eggs over goat cheddar grits

the bacon is hiding but I didn't dare mess with this delicate shot

Lately, I've been having these food dreams where I wake with a recipe idea.  It's really weird.  The latest was tempura rice balls, speared and cooked alongside yakitori style chicken.  Not really sure if the tempura would grill well, but it came from my subconscious, so what can ya do?  This was another one that occured to me: poached duck egg over goat cheddar grits with bacon and grilled asparagus.  Not exactly the most innovative dish, but the details are what matter.  The richness of the duck egg yolk against a canvas of texturous artisan grits and the unmistakably sharp goat cheddar accented by the salty goodness of bacon.  And (almost!) this entire dish is local ( had to go and get that HEB asparagus, didn't I?)

Poached Duck Egg over Goat Cheddar Grits with Bacon and Asparagus
serves 5

5 duck eggs (I got mine from Countryside Farm, at the downtown Austin Farmer's Market)
1 lb grits, prepared according to directions (I highly recommend Homestead Gristmill stoneground grits out of Waco, TX which I purchased from Hillside Farmacy)
1 bunch of asparagus
1 package of bacon (I pity the fool who can't get Dai Due bacon)
goat cheddar/sharp cheddar to taste (I actually used a thick slice of both goat cheddar and a sharp regular cheddar from Whole Foods...I say use however much cheese you please)
salt and pepper

1. The Homestead Gristmill grits needed more milk than the package did call for, so I would recommend keeping some extra on hand to make sure they turn out creamy.  Once cooked through, I grated the cheese into them and seasoned with salt and pepper.
2. Meanwhile, cook your bacon on a skillet (I usually prefer bacon in the oven cooked to an almost-burnt crisp, but not when I am using high quality bacon like this).  Set it aside on paper towels when done.
3. Blanch the asparagus and immediately transfer it to ice water.  Then cook it in the bacon grease. Mmmhmm!
4. Once all components are cooked and ready, begin poaching the eggs.  Set each bulbous little gift atop the cheesy hill of grits, strewn with fallen bacon and asparagus trees.
5. Enjoy! Hope you don't have anything too strenuous to do for the next couple hours. :)

Some fun facts about duck eggs, courtesy of Central Market: