eastbound and down: NOLA!

I LOVE New Orleans.  And I hadn't been in... wow, I guess it had been around 5 years?? Don't know how all that time has passed with nary a beignet to tide me over, but I will make sure that never happens again!

We got on the road on Wednesday after some A/C repair (an industrious street person nicknamed "Fix-it" was a huge help in getting the stuff in the right tubes... the "stuff" being some miraculous cement that fills in A/C leaks-- which actually worked! much to my relief!)

The drive TO Nola is always much faster than the drive home.  I was so excited to just get there.. I realized I'd been driving for about 7 hours before I felt the need to switch with anyone (with a couple stops for leg stretches/bathroom breaks of course).

We started to get hungry as we near Louisiana... I kept looking for signs on the highway directing us somewhere local-looking.. but it was all Chik-fil-A and McDonald's, same as anywhere in the US.  Then finally, we saw a billboard advertising "The Boiling Point" in Sulphur, LA! 

Just a turn off the highway and all our Cajun food fantasies had come true!  It wasn't the schnazziest place by any means, but it was tasty.  And it was just what we needed.

this cheesy seafood-stuffed roll is called a pistolette

I ordered shrimp and crab gumbo and also learned that it is eaten with both rice and potato salad in these parts...the potato salad was nice and pickly/tangy...mmmm..

back on the road with not much further to go!

welcome to Metaire, LA

A couple hours later we pulled up to the beautiful house that would be our home away from home for the next couple of days.  And so our adventure begins...