exercises in commencement

Buster's Graduation Day: in photos and words

We found the ceremony within the maze of a convention center.  It was full of pomp, circumstance, and bagpipes.  We escaped after cheering for Buster and happened upon a flea market near this Lego-like wall.  I found a very 90's plaid sundress (score!) before we met la familia Buster at the Hilton for copious amounts of white wine the reception.

Things are all abloom in Houston.  Only two and a half hours east of Austin and there is plant life that would never survive in our city.  How I love magnolia trees!! 

The boys returned to Buster's apartment and began throwing dice before his graduation party (because... why wouldn't you immediately begin gambling upon graduating law school?)  Seeing as we were in the heart of Montrose and some of my favorite museums, I took a solo stroll and ended up at the Cy Twombly Gallery, Rothko Chapel, and the Menil Collection (luckily before this untalented Banksy-wannabe defaced a Picasso).  I also stopped to relax in my favorite oak tree of all time, one I'd discovered and photographed years ago while exploring with my friend J...

My dream El Camino, parked outside the Rothko Chapel.

Buster's party was catered by Niko Niko's, a delicous local Greek cafe! *yum*

 Many Lone Stars later, the Montrose Monster emerged.  The end.