express yo'self

Oops! I guess I forgot we had four tickets to a Round Rock Express game on Monday!  After such an eventful weekend, I really just wanted to relax at home, but didn't want to waste the, we love going to RR Express games but once you get into June, it's really pretty excruciatingly hot.  So we scooped up our friend Steed and headed north after work.

you can't go to a baseball game and NOT eat a hot dog.  you just can't.

One of the people sitting near us told us about a pretty awesome app called Bypass Lane, which allows you to unlock various deals on food and drink at stadiums-- we're talking food for $2-3 and beer for $4-5!  And each time you "refresh," another deal is unlocked, so I became a bit obsessed with refreshing and seeing what else there was out there....what will they think of next??

half the price= double the flava!