my foodie photo scavenger hunt weekend

For anyone wondering what Paloma and I did during the insane CIA-Sponsored Amateur Gourmet foodie scavenger hunt this past weekend, check out her flickr page! some things I learned:

a) Count Chocula is, in fact, "seasonal" and only available around Halloween-time. (who knew?)
b) Bottarga is a salted Sardinian roe that couldn't be found anywhere in town.. except in the home kitchen of Jesse from Dai Due, who kindly let me photograph his! :)
c) the Savory Spice Shop on 6th St is AMAZING!
d) all 5 volumes of Modernist Cusine are extremely heavy and take two people to lift above the head
e) geoduck is nowhere to be found in Austin.. not even the MT Supermarket :(
f) pasta extruders are very hard to come by! unless you know the right people :)

Oh and, in case you were wondering, we placed SECOND! But we were very close to first apparently, for what it's worth.