thai relief on a wednesday night

I was having major stomach issues on Tuesday night.  I dare say I had food poisoning, the worst curse known to man (in my opinion).  Not only is it the worst physical feeling, but in the middle of the misery, all you can do is obsessively recount your past meals and wonder what microscopic evil may have been lurking to cause such suffering.  Food poisoning is the devil's work, I tell ya. 

So on Wednesday all I could muster imbibing was a (delicious, overpriced) juice from Daily Juice... and by Wednesday night around 9:30pm I was starving.  We were way down south running an errand (a joyous errand which involved picking up a wedding registry gift from Best Buy!), and we ended up pulling into the parking lot of Sap's Fine Thai off of Westgate.  Because, well-- it was there.  And open.

I was immediately taken by the decor (I can't help it-- I DO judge books by their cover at first glance.  And wine labels too).  Colorful paper parasols hung from the ceiling and beautiful Thai sculptures were tastefully placed around the restaurant.  The tables and chairs were painted all different colors and the dining room was separated in two by a fish tank/divider area.  I would have taken more photos but the place was closing relatively soon.  Didn't want to be annoying.  :)

The menu was huge... kind of befuddling actually.  Being as hungry as I was, you'd think it would be easy.  But I wanted to make sure to get something that would be kind on my stomach.  So no triple pepper menu items today!  I ended up picking the PERFECT thing and that's really what this post is about. 

This dish consisted of thick slaw-sized straws of ginger, rough cuts of scallion and white onion, black fungus mushroom (that's the giant thing on top), Chinese mushrooms (the succulent bulbous ones found in Chinese-American food... I'm sure they have another name but the menu just called them "Chinese mushrooms"), and perfectly cooked slices of chicken breast.  It all came in a light, broth-like savory sauce, with a big scoop of white rice next to it.

Oh, the relief! I could almost immediately feel the ginger soothing my stomach, then the rice creating a sticky white cushion for the rest of the goods.  They were also VERY generous with the mushrooms, which I love.  And everything was just perfectly seasoned and cooked.  (And I swear it wasn't just because I was deliriously hungry!)  :)

Unfortunately, Carson's veggie stir-fry had a huge pile of what looked like pepper dumped on it--? Like to the point where I assume someone dropped the can of pepper ONTO the plate and just picked it back up.  Not to to be a nuisance when they were about to close, he just push that part to the side and didn't say anything.

After looking the place up, I found out that Sap is the (now ex-) husband of Mam (of Madam Mam's, a popular Thai restaurant with several locations..I've only been once or twice though).  Apparently their divorce finalized so they split up their restaurants.  Saps, however, still kept the same menu. Hmph.

Though Titaya's Thai still remains my favorite Thai in town, I'd try ol' Sap's again if I happened to be in the area... hopefully all that pepper jazz was just a fluke...