almost too pretty to eat

grapefruit brûlée! (which is exactly what it sounds like)

I wrote this piece on Hillside Farmacy for Edible Austin.. though, if it were up to me, I would've made it a longer feature with some great photos of the place, since much of its appeal has to do with its vintage pharmacy paraphernalia and the amazing design and metalwork by Mickie Spencer of Eastside Showroom and Swan Dive notoriety.

Last time I went to Hillside was when my friend Clarisa was in town.  It's definitely a cute spot to get together with visitors and wile away some time chatting and snacking on the cozy patio...maybe go from coffee to cocktails or vice versa...

egg in a bowl..a cheesy egg topped with breadcrumbs

The dishes on the menu at Hillside range from sandwiches (which were a bit bready in my experience.. though that was when they very first opened, so I'd give them another try), to oysters and shrimp to cheese and charcuterie plates to baked goods and various a la carte breakfasty/snacky items like the ones listed here.  In my experience at Hillside, it seems like the dinner specials are the way to go-- really creative, farm/ranch-to-table creations that change nightly.  

And the cheese and charcuterie plates are always quite the work of edible art.  Almost too pretty to eat... allllmost. :)