been hangin' 'round with good time friends of mine

It's been a while since I've seen any live music that really blew me away.  Well, since sxsw in March.  Since then, I'd seen some local bands here or there and went to a Dead Prez show (show itself was decent but audience was simply awful... that plus the fact that I didn't even get any good pictures made the experience unblogworthy.)

It is also very easy to get spoiled and/or jaded about live music here in Austin.

But when I found out Gillian Welch was coming to Austin, I bought a ticket as soon as they were released!  I absolutely LOVE her and she hardly ever tours... so needless to say, I was counting down the days til she played at Stubb's...

Leah, Alexis, and I met at Weather Up beforehand.  It seemed like just a week or two beforehand, I'd been wondering why the former location of Azul (which I loved!) and then Shuck Shack (which will not be missed) is seemingly a cursed location.  And then, all of a sudden, New York-based cocktail bar Weather Up opened its first Austin location right there!

We picked drinks out of the very lengthy menu.. I got the honey whiskey smash, which was perfectly balanced and refreshing-- strong and not too sweet either.  Think mojito but sub honey for simple syrup and whiskey for rum.  Whiskey was a must, since I knew that's what I'd be drinking to the sound of Gillian's lilting voice. How could you drink anything else??

Gillian and David Rawlings make an amazing pair.  Can those two get married already??

The only downside about the show (which was absolutely incredible) is that they were very strict about no photography.  Not even flash photography-- just anything at all! Even cell phone pictures!  But that's never stopped me before, so why would it now?  

I just had to be as discreet as possible... and, by the end, I had a security guy pointing to me and angrily shaking his head, holding up two fingers as if to say "strike two!" 

"White Rabbit" was their encore! <3

I really don't have the words to describe the show.  I mean, I can try... Heart-wrenching?  Epic?  Soulful?  Nostalgic?  Intense? Honest?  Gorgeous? It was all these things and more.  I was moved to tears several times actually..

How else to follow up such an experience... but with karaoke??  We popped into good ol' Pete's Bar for some spontaneous singing while headed down East 6th toward Meredith's birthday/Frankie's hello party at the Grackle.

livin' on a prayer

It's safe to say we were no match to Gillian.  :)