salty sweet waffles and Tuesday on a Sunday

huevos rancheros and guacamole

Today began with brunch at Papi Tinos, a cute little Mexican restaurant in the former Typerwriter Museum on East 6th Street.  They had a great Mexican folk trio playing on the porch, and their cute, tree-shaded patio was the perfect place to welcome a lazy Sunday.

waffle with bacon and queso, topped with an egg, shredded chicken, agave nectar & cajeta on the side

I was intrigued by this sweet and savory Mexican-style chicken and waffles dish...I did order the cajeta and agave nectar on the side, which made for some tasty dipping.  Believe it or not, it wasn't as heavy as it sounds.  The chicken was a little plain and underwhelming...didn't really do much for the dish.  But cajeta and bacon waffles are definitely something I should add to the home brunch menu...

After brunch, we went for to visit our friends Joe and Melissa... and little Tuesday Snow!!  Tuesday decided to make her world debut while we were in New Orleans, and I'd been dying to meet her since.

Joe is mesmerized by his creation

The lil' dumpling mostly slept the whole time-- barely a peep from her! 

Melissa, being an amazingly talented artist, had been preparing Tuesday's room for months.  The place is so cute, I kinda wondered if they'd adopt me...

wide awake for a couple minutes!

Tuesday, are we boring you?

We left Joe and Melissa's, scooped up Chef at home, and headed for a swim with John and Petal at the secret beach. Snuggly babies and sandy dogs?  Good end to the weekend.