au revoir, Port A!

It was our last day at the beach! Despite the look of this photo, we were not thrilled about that.. yet we WERE going to maximize our last hours..

Half our group had taken off at the crack of dawn so someone could catch an ill-planned flight. :)

The rest of us slept in, packed up our things, and went off in search of breakfast...

I'd dreamed that we'd all make a sandcastle just like this.. but I settled for jumping in front of this already-made one..  :)

Unfortunately, finding breakfast on a Monday wasn't very easy.  A cute mom and pop place I'd been to before was boarded up, as well as another little cafe that actually sounded quite promising (stone crabs, shrimp and grits, and an ahi tuna burger?? Turns out they only serve lunch-- I'll definitely bookmark Liberty Hall for my next trip though.)

We ended up at Avery's Kitchen (which had been gifted a whopping 4 stars on Yelp) for a not-very-memorable egg dish.

Afterward, while on a mission for more sunscreen, we stumbled upon this man and his collection of tropical birds!  Before we knew it, he was putting them on our heads and arms, taking photos, and collecting money.  Very slick!  We were into it though.. that guy must do pretty well posing people with his feathered friends!  Wheelers and dealers, all of 'em!

We headed down to the beach for one last hooray... first stopping at this little bar right by the boardwalk.  I love boardwalk action!  And since there isn't much at Port A, I had to check this place out.  We came, we same, and we left three wine margaritas richer. :)

We soaked up some more rays and took one last dip in the ocean... why must it be so far from Austin?? 

And then.. a little dip in our pool.. where we smelled nearby vacationers' lip-smacking grill-scents wafting our way and realized we'd worked up quite an appetite again.  All three of us agreed: burgers were to be procured before we hit the road.

We found a pretty darn good burger at the Port Aransas Brewing Company, which brews its own beer and serves waffle fries to boot.  Full and satisfied, we sank into our seats for the ride home...