DPCA inaugural meeting

Because I don't have enough projects on my plate, I decided to add one more.. :)  I had the fine idea to start an informal club for girls, dogs, and drinks-- appropriately titled "The Doggie Paddle Cocktail Association."  We held our inaugural meeting today, inspired partly due to the fact that this little critter wandered up to us after the fireworks:

Carson's been calling him "Bam Bam" but today Emily suggested "Yankee Doodle"-- which couldn't be more perfect due to the whole Fourth of July aspect, plus he looks like a small black doodle!  Not that we were keeping him, of course... I'd already posted on several Facebook pages and in Craiglist and posted flyers in the neighborhood where we found him.  And sure enough, his owner did see one of those and give us a call!  But not before Yankee got a day of fun at the beach... little rascal got a free vacay!

count 'em: 5 dogs, 3 girls!

Penny and Loca romp through the sand

Yankee sillhouette

this was Penny (MB's dog)'s first swim!

Kara's Subaru was like a clown car for dogs!

After some fun in the sun, we ended up at Whip In with our pooches.  I think I'm going to compile a list of dog-friendly spots in Austin (there are many) so we can make the rounds for each monthly meeting...

an important message from the Whip In