Japan 365 before a trip meant to BEE

beautiful hand-carved hanko stamp and ink

I got to visit with an old friend way too briefly last night!  J has been teaching English in Japan for several years now and recently completed this amazing project-- he drew a ballpoint pen drawing a day for every single day of the year and published a book!  Watch this video for more on Japan 365:

And being as conscious and caring as he is, 10% of all sales go toward an organization called Japan for Sustainability <3

This jetsetter barely breezed through town (and threw this book signing/potluck at 5 Mile Farms) before he was onto his next adventure-- now biking the length of Japan to raise environmental awareness!  More about the BEE (Bicycle Everyone's Earth) project here.

So proud of you, J!  And I swear I am actually joining Skype very, very soon...