more Taco More

I took C to an appointment in North Bombaclat for a physical therapy appointment (he's somehow procured a ganglian cyst on his wrist.. he thinks it's from repetitive cutting movements in the kitchen so cooks beware!  Apparently, this used to be solved quite easily back in the day by smashing the thing with a Bible, but so far he's just been sent from doctor to doctor..)

But one good thing came from a trip to what seemed like south Dallas... we found ourselves quite hungry on the drive back and I remembered Taco More!

Taco More is a Yelp discovery of mine.. right now, I think it stands at a 4.5 star average (out of 83 reviews).  I'd been hearing about their spectrum of salsas and really wanted to go... but never really found myself in the 'hood.

All the people waiting around for tacos to go were Mexican-- I took this as a great sign!

The salsa bar was most impressive and included things one might find in a Californian taco joint-- sliced radishes and cucumbers, roasted peppers and chiles, red onion, cilantro, sliced limes, pico de gallo, several types of salsa...eso si me gusta!!

This place is definitely the real deal.  Taco options included things like lengua (tongue), tripas (intestines), and cabeza (head).  I went for one cabrita (goat) taco with cilantro and onion and one standard potato, egg, and cheese (I couldn't resist!)  Both were delicious.

They also seem to specialize in seafood and had several types of ceviche and shrimp cocktail on the menu... as well as a list of various seafood soups!  Apparently they often have live music on the patio, and the occasional karaoke too!  Must... go....back....