a taste of Cuba in northeast Austin

Before leaving for New York, I'd glimpsed the Cuban Sandwich Cafe on our way to a friend's brunch/pho party.  You better believe I promptly bookmarked it on Yelp.  How on earth was a huge Cuban sandwich shop in fairly central (northeast) Austin...and I didn't know about it??

Well, you can rest easy because I went back and visited.  I got a classic pressed Cuban sandwich because I felt like that was only right.. but there is a whole list of other pressed sandwiches, a case of fresh, delicious looking pastries, Cuban coffee, empanadas, a Cuban burger, dinner specials (ropa vieja, etc.), a whole menu of vegetarian items, Cuban tamales...and even a list of Mexican food (tacos and tortas mostly). 

I am psyched.  One of the things that bugs me about Austin is I feel like the culinary scene here is not as explorable is in other (bigger, more multicultural) cities.  So when I do find something new and off the beaten path here, it's even more exciting.

pressed Cuban sandwich