hello New York, old pal

My flight into New York was one of the most pleasant I've had in a long time!  For starters, by some miracle, I'd managed to start packing early and actually caught a few solid hours of sleep before getting to the airport.  Secondly, several eastside friends happened to be going to the airport at the same time, so we all split a cab together.  One of them was even on my flight..and the company not only made the time pass, but also made me feel like a normal person despite the ungodly hour.

 Once on the (spacious, awesome, luxurious) JetBlue plane, it was all naptime and Olympics-watching. I wish I could exclusively take JetBlue EVERYWHERE.  The JetBlue terminal of JFK was also particularly posh looking...the kinda place you wouldn't mind getting stuck for a couple hours.

I hopped on the air train and my favorite thing happened: I was immediately surrounded by people speaking all different languages.  That might be one of the things I miss most about New York.  You get this strong feeling you're actually in this really important, bustling piece of the WORLD... 

I got off at Penn Station, thinking I'd just hoof it cross-town to my aunt's apartment (32nd and 2nd)...HA!  Surely I jest.  I always forget how wide the avenues are!  So I hopped in a cab and Lisa was there by the time I arrived.  We headed downtown to Momofuku Milk Bar for crack pie and a pretzel milkshake, then began meandering around the area.  Lisa couldn't believe I'd never been to ABC Carpet or Fishs Eddy...

check out these adorable same-sex marriage mugs at Fishs Eddy!

I couldn't either, since they were clearly both made with me in mind.  ABC Carpet does not peddle solely carpets, but is rather a very high end store boasting all sorts of bohemian home decor.  There was a lot of "Ooooooh!! LOOK at THIS--- omgandLOOKhowmuchitis..."  A great place for ideas.  If you don't  mind leaving feeling poorer and more wistful than when you entered.  

finally, some Jersey recognition!

Then onto Fishs Eddy, which is where I would go to stock my kitchen if I lived in New York (and it's actually affordable too!)  AND they had an entire "bridge and tunnel" line of dishwear too!  *fist pump*

Next we headed back across the street to Pipa, which is a tapas bar attached to ABC Carpet (also beautiful inside, glittering with vintage chandeliers..I didn't dare check their price tags).  It was sangria o'clock!

We got so caught up with our pitcher of sangria that we lost track of time and soon my aunt Maria was calling us!  Whoops-- we were a bit tardy to meet her!  We hopped in a cab and headed to the Spotted Pig.  

I'd been dying to go to the Spotted Pig since it opened...but, not being one to enjoy standing in lines for-- well, anything really... and what with there being sooOOOoooo many other places to eat in this ridiculous city, I'd never braved the wait before.  And now that it's been open for a while, there was barely a wait at all!

the place is really tiny! this is the main dining room

And then the feast began...

Blue Island oysters with mignonette

the fluffiest, most heavenly deviled eggs ever!

I braved the special: pork cheek faggots with crispy pig ear and mustard

sufferin' succotash!! this was amazing. i hope the recipe is in her book...

I actually did not try the Roquefort burger but they are known for it..and Lisa and Maria both approved

From our seats, we could see April Bloomfield hustling around in the kitchen-- I love seeing chefs in action, especially high profile ones. :) We walked around the Village for a little while (I managed to make some room for a little L'arte de Gelato).

It always takes a couple hours for it to sink in: but I was certainly back in New York.  And, no matter how long I've been away, it always welcomes me right back in.