I went down to the river to play

Chef, Fiona, Donnie action shot

How is it already the end of August?? This summer really has gone by in a flash, mostly due to all the weddings we've been in and out of town for!  It has been a fun one-- don't get me wrong-- but somehow it's already almost September and I haven't had down time at some of my favorite spots.... haven't been to Barton Springs once (which is just wrong) and the Doggie Paddle Cocktail Association never even got past its inaugural meeting! Tsk tsk.

I've also been wanting to squeeze in some more doggie dates with my friend Elizabeth before she packs up and moves back to New York!  So today, she and I took Chef, Fiona, and Donnie to Secret Beach for some late summer fun in the sun and sand...

...and we ended up running into Juliette, Chef's girlfriend!