tacos and lions and bikes-- oh my!

Our friend Jay asked if Carson "sailed somewhere to eat tacos"...tehehehe

Yesterday started simple: breakfast tacos at Joe's Bakery, a Tex-Mex diner in our neighborhood which has been around Austin since the 1960's. The place is always packed, so you usually have to linger by the cases of pan dulce and ogle the Tejano jukebox for a moment or two before you're seated (but no matter how busy they are, the wait is never long! It's amazing!)  

The bacon? Near-deep fried.  The tortillas? Homemade.  I dug into my tacos so fast, I forgot to take a picture first!  (And for me-- that's saying something).  

mmmm..check out that chorizo grease

"Tejano and proud"

Then...things got a little wild...

Because I went to the circus!  (with a large group of children from work no less)  And not just any circus-- the greatest show on earth, Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus!  I hadn't been since I was a kid myself... and I'd just seen the circus actually roll into town days before.  I sat in my car at the railroad crossing as their looooong caravan slowly crept into town.  (I had no idea the circus actually still traveled by train?? It was right out of a storybook).

the acrobats were amazing

this show was made for people with ADD

a human cannonball on fire!

Before you get all PETA on my ass, check this out-- Ringling Brothers has a Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida, where they actually breed endangered Asian elephants!  I know they've gotten into some trouble in the not-so-distant past ... but I find it hard to believe people would get involved as trainers for a circus with cruel intentions for the animals!  Obviously, everyone has different standards of what is and isn't animal cruelty... and, oddly enough, everyone seems to think they have the animals' best interests in mind.  If you believe the circus exploits poor, unwilling animals..well there's no real argument that it doesn't... for, last I checked, elephants, tigers, and miniature horses couldn't speak. 

dancing elephants!

But Ringling Brothers is really big on inviting the public to come check out the animals backstage now.  Had it not been such a clusterf--k before and afterward, we could have brought the kids to the parking lot to watch the animals bathe and play with the trainers.

So there's that, right???

(Look, the tickets were donated to us.  And the looks on those kids' faces were priceless!  Every kid should get to go to the circus...and then they can grow up and decide whether they agree with it or not.)

never noticed this place on East 6th Street until 3am last night

After returning from the circus, I ended up going downtown to dance at Barbarella with a couple friends.  I managed not to lose everyone like last time I was at that place of smoke and mirrors.  The music was not so great and there was lots of creeper-dodging.  Think I'm good on Barbarella for a while.  

Dancing there turned into chatting outside with a slew of interesting characters, which led us to the afterparty down the street.  Then we tried to go home but happened upon a pedicabber party and had to just "peek" our heads in.  Which resulted in staying out entirely too late.  Just another 24 hours in Austin, TX.

the pedicabbers welcomed us with open arms

pedicabbers creed