a fully committed sunday

Yesterday began with Stumptown cold brew and the breakfast sandwich you see above: crusty, chewy Sweetish Hill baguette, fluffy eggs, artisan cheddar, seasoned potatoes, caramelized onion, and sauteed peppers.  Yum!  Then I headed to the Zach Scott Theatre to see a matinee of Fully Committed with my friend Monica.  This one-man show was supposed to stop running in August and keeps getting extended.. and now I know why.  Martin Burke put on a great performance as a reservationist at a high-profile New York restaurant...plus 39 other characters, most of whom are entitled or desperate wanna-be diners who resort to bribes, threats, and name-dropping to try to procure a table in the always-"fully committed" dining room.

After the show, I jetted back home to pick up Carson for our belated four-year aniversary date (anniversary was 9/2).  We went to Violet Crown Cinema to see Sleepwalk with Me, a new film by comedian Mike Birbiglia.  If you haven't seen it yet, get thee to a theater!  It was great!  Check out the trailer:

Ever since seeing it, I've been back on my kick of listening to nothing but our local comedy radio station to and from work. It's a good kick to be on..until I start hearing the same bits repeat.  Then I'll cycle back over to NPR and KOOP, listen and repeat.

After the movie, we went to El Alma for dinner.  I've been wanting to come here for a while.  The head chef and owner, Alma Alcocer-Thomas cooked at well-loved and established Austin restaurants Jeffrey's and Fonda San Miguel before partnering with the El Chile restaurant group to create El Alma.  I must say, I was disappointed in our experience after all the great things I'd heard.  (Read the whole Yelp review, in all its brutal honesty, here)
this ceviche was the best part of our meal

After El Alma, we popped into House Wine to visit a friend who works there and enjoy some sparkling reisling and truffles before heading home.  Our very fully committed Sunday had come to a lazy end!