a tale of two gingers

After several refreshing hours at King Spa, C and I headed to White Rock Lake to watch my buddy Anton marry the love of his life.. who he has literally known his entire life!  Their story is especially cute because their families go way back-- Anton actually has a photo of himself in a bassinet with a three-year-old Nicole peering in!  While she went off to LA to pursue acting and he to New York where he went to Sarah Lawrence (where we became friends) and NYU.  Years later, fate brought them both back to Dallas where they reunited.  And the rest, as they say, is history!

So happy for my Manton!

Carson and I pose with the two beaming gingers (and unintentionally matched the wedding too!)

As we walked into Anton's parents' spacious yard for the reception, we were hit with the savory sweet smell of garlic and saw that Green House Truck, a popular Dallas food truck, was parked right on the lawn!  (Well ok, I also found out that they had sprayed the yard earlier with garlic to ward off bugs and, therefore, West Nile.  So let's hear it for garlic-- keeping our bellies full and our bodies West Nile-free!)

I'd actually never been to a wedding with a food truck-- what a great idea!  It gave a more laidback feel to a still-upscale party, was cuter and more creative than just buffet-ing it, and got the guests up and interacting more.  (And who doesn't love ordering from a food truck while peaking in to see what sizzling thing is creating such heavenly aromas?)

juicy grilled and sliced chicken, a delicious veggie rice stirfry, and roasted root veggies

their cake was also delicious, though I am not sure who made it!

Nicole's adorable Pomeranian was in the wedding party (wearing a tutu!)

ELLIE!!! what a cute widdle bear!

And wait-- there's even more to celebrate!  Just in the past week before the wedding, Nicole got awarded Best Future Arts Leader by the Dallas Observer for Oral Fixation, the monthly non-fiction storytelling series she conceptualized and curates.  The "Best of Season 1" showcase is coming up on October 9th and I wish I could make it!  I will definitely be heading north sometime soon to check the show out... for I too have an obsession with "true life tales"...   

...and we're neee-eeext!