david does austin

I had a wonderful surprise visitor this week-- my friend David who I worked with many years ago in New York!!  Since he likes to keep a very low profile (Facebook page with a fake name, etc.) we had lost track of each other for several years but reunited in New York last winter.  Except for the extra eight inches of hair, he is the same Diamond David I've always known.  :)

Stephanie, Davide, David, and I just moments before a hilarious near-wine disaster! :)

With huge waits at both Elizabeth Street Cafe and Perla's, we headed to South Congress Cafe for dinner on Thursday.  It had been years since I'd last been and only for brunch, so I was interested to re-check out this mainstay which has remained in its place on South Congress while others come and go.

juicy little bacon-wrapped quail packages with habanero jelly and blackberry gastrique

The citrusy scallop and shrimp parfait was delicious! but I hardly ever meet a ceviche I don't like

I uncharacteristically went for a light seared tuna salad, which was tasty and plentiful

David's pre-dinner toast: "To our love, to our happiness, forever and ever… JUST FOR US!"

David eyes his coffee braised short ribs with glee

Then, like all good Austin hostesses must do, we traipsed around South Congress, stopping for photo opportunities at the locally famous Jo's Coffee wall...

And that batty South Congress bridge..

Then on Friday, David came over and got to meet Carson and Chef (who is definitely a "straight dog," D confirmed).

And then we headed to Barbarella for some dancing...

And ended up, as most downtown dancers do, at a food truck.

(and there was lots of laughing)

The only downside of this surprise visit is that I will be in Dallas this weekend for a wedding so I won't get to experience Pride Weekend with David!!  BUT.. I do think he is 90% sold on moving to Austin...  :)