doble quinceañera

homemade papel picado <3

The quinceañera... such a special time in a young woman's life.  What's even more special?  Quince times TWO!  My friend Adrienne celebrated her 30th birthday with a doble quinceañera, complete with lotería, tacos, tostadas, crafts, a photobooth, papel picado, . and a lone forgotten piñata! 

Shanaynay and I love a piñata!

congrats: it's adventure time!

Adrienne leads an acoustic Rihannna and Carly Rae sesh

After some mid-day margs and Tecates, Shanaynay and I decided to check out in.gredients, the "waste-free" grocery store that finally opened (after over a year of hype) on Manor Road.  The store is definitely tiny... and I'm not quite sure how virtually "waste-free" it is.. there's definitely still packaging.. in fact, there are MORE choices of packaging!  Once again, it really just falls on the consumer to opt for the re-usable route.  in.gredients is a good idea in theory, but I could see this place becoming more of a hang-out than anything.  

hipster speedball...just what the doctor ordered

I already figured out a concoction that might just keep me coming back: Third Coast cold brew (on tap) and stout.  I like to call it the Hipster Speedball.

ran into these two

We were planning on one drink at in.gredients, but then I ran into my stylish friend Geneva, who I hadn't seen in quite a while. The man, the legend-- Olivier!-- was in tow.  I've heard so much about the famous Olivier, and finally got to meet him in person.  After talk of Diva Cups (do you know you're supposed to graduate to a larger size "level 2" once you turn 30??), our conversation dissipated in giggles and we said our goodbyes.

...and I headed home to the best doggy dance party all year!