farewell farmer

This Labor Day weekend we sent off our good friend John Houston Farmer with a camping trip out in Canyon Lake.  JHF has fallen in love and is moving to Canada to marry his other half!  While I am thrilled they found each other (and think that Farmer is really Canadian at heart anyway), I'm gonna miss this guy!  Jack of all trades, he is always full of energy (much like his whippet Petal) and ideas: whether it's patenting a recipe for vegetarian steak, starting up a mobile knife-sharpening business, or buying a record lathe from the 1940's to cut his own albums!  He's been a jeweler, he's made soap, he cooks, he's played with What Made Milwuakee Famous... and now he's going to be crafting customized bikes in Toronto.  Farmer, you are one of a kind and you will be missed!!  Some scenes from our trip to the Lazy L and L on the Guadalupe River:

caught this perfect high five in action

hold onto your hat!

we had this dock on lockdown


then our party multiplied!

totally tubular Chipper

spent already?

fire in a tub

moon over Canyon Lake

we began the next day at Devil's Playground

I have never seen a Wienerschnitzel anywhere but San Marcos!  Apparently they do exist elsewhere though...

mini corndogs for the road

Not pictured: the dance tent I discovered (complete with DJ, intense speaker system, flashing lights, etc.) and our epic tournament at the volleyball courts, which went strong until the lights were abruptly cut off!