oodles of noodles

tonkotsu original: pork broth with pork belly, marinated egg, wood ear mushroom, and scallions

Our town needs ramen. I've been saying it for years!  I've always thought that, if there's a food truck East 6th Street is in need of, it's a ramen truck!  Many liquid-fueled evenings have ended with salty, satisying slurps of slippery noodles (say that 10x fast) topped with whatever I could find in my fridge...eggs, spinach, kimchi, sriracha, carrots, boom!  Instant meal.  A food truck could easily charge $7.00 a pop (and up, depending on how fancy the topping!  Foie gras anyone? Lambs tongue? Beef heart?)

Well now we, the people of Austin, can rest easy because we do have a ramen connection.  Though this one is up on 183 and not in a truck on East 6th Street, I will definitely be making the trek to Ramen Tatsu-ya for their steamy Japanese soul food...because their creamy, 60-hour pork bone broth sure is better than whatever late-night ramen I'm whipping up!


my kinda place: Japanese candy and friendly cats

My foodie friend Paloma and I just visited Ramen Tatsu-ya this past week.  Just in its soft opening, the place has already had a huge line each day!  Good for them!  The staff was super friendly and all very eager for feedback. 

the edamame was perfectly spicy and very limey! never thought to add citrus but it was delightful!

Paloma was hoping they'd have a veggie broth option (they're working on perfecting one) but is luckily flexitarian enough to go for the tasty original broth!

I can't wait to return and try some of their other inexpensive, Japanese-street food options, like katsu sliders or gyoza potstickers.  There's also a mysterious dessert labeled "almond tofu" with ginger lemongrass syrup for $2.00.  They also offer the option of adding a "spice bomb" for $1 to change the flavor of the broth from original to Mexican, extra spicy or "corn on the bomb," a dollop of butter and corn.

The Ramen Tatsu-ya menu includes this guide to eating ramen like a pro...read and learn...

How to best enjoy a Tatsu-ya’s bowl of ramen1. Chopsticks only! (we have training chopsticks, on request)
2. Sip the broth first, before digging into your noodles. Allow the steam to waft into your
face and savor the smell…feel it run down your spine!
3. Finish all the noodles before they get soggy! Yes, they do get soggy!
4. Never. Never! share your ramen.
5. Slurp! Do it loud and shamelessly. This act actually aerates the broth and enhances the
flavor of the noodles, similar to wine.
6. Add toppings after sampling the original flavors.
7. If you’re still hungry after finishing your noodles, but still have some broth left request
more by saying “Sumimasen!” (Kae-dama meaning : extra noodles)