Ooooh dreamweaver

It is just about one month before our wedding-- eeeeeekk!  Still so much to do and make!  (I am wondering why I didn't drop a couple extra-curriculars several months ago?!?...I'm a chronic volunteer but I'm working on it.)  Luckily, I have an army of bridesmaids (no, really) who are willing to come craft up a storm whilst drinking sangria and noshing on Jasper Hill Harbison and soppressata.  That's what friends are for!  Here are some shots from Dreamcatcher Sesh Numero Dos...

Leah is queen weaver

Shanaynay gets serious about her weave

Besides decorating our dreamcatchers from the first session with an array of crystals, feathers, shells, beads, pinecones, lace, and ribbon, we also worked on some doiley dreamcatchers which I think are really going to add to the look of the wedding!  While doileys themselves are kind of difficult to come by (I ordered some on Etsy and found some others in a little thrift store in Round Rock called Lady Ann's), the catchers themselves are super easy to make!  Check out this Etsy blog post for instructions.  I won't post pictures of our finished products just yet.. you'll have to wait for those!

Jamie hated her dreamcatcher but finally grew to love it

craft nerds!