cruising for murder

I've been known to multi-task.  I've been known to go to something fun and social when I have something else more pressing to do.  I've been known to run madly around town from one event to the next.  But things always work out!  

This time I took things a little too far..... I agreed to be a part of a murder mystery dinner (yes, every theatre nerd and foodie's dream.. yet somehow I'd never been a part of one before!) the night before I left for my own wedding.  I had to ask myself-- Have I gone completely nuts??? Why did I think this would be plausible?  In my mind, of course I thought I'd be totally done with everything and could relax for a couple hours at the dinner, then come home and get an good night's sleep before the twelve hour drive to New Mexico the next day.  Not quite the case.  I still had a TON to do... but there was no backing out now.  I was assigned a character (Kristy Marie, a beauty pageant finalist whose talent was making soufflés and whose marriage to the ship's head bartender was secret..) Plus-- what if I happened to the killer??  

I was smart enough, at least, to not commit to a very labor-intensive dish for the potluck contribution of this dinner.  I knew I wouldn't have that much time, of course!  So, as much as I wanted to do crab-stuffed shells to go along with the tropical cruise theme, I went with dark chocolate and sea salt drizzled pineapple skewers.  Easy peasy!

"finger meats"-- was that supposed to sound gross? 

some of the "cast" 

My friend Monica, who had organized this, is probably the only person I know who is crazier than myself about planning and executing fun events.  And the girl is good at it too!!  Two of her friends had offered up the house they just bought for the event and they'd decorated the place to look like a cruise ship, with a "horizon"across the living room windows, a karaoke room, guest rooms, and a deck where we could "fish" while whispering secrets...

the captain, the victim, and the cop

After we'd been getting to know each other's characters for a little while, an inevitable blood-curdling scream got everyone's attention.  The murder had occurred and we all got an envelope with more information on the next steps to take...

And what do you know-- I was the murderer after all!

that's me-- the knife-wielding pageant contestant

So a good thing I didn't back out after all-- the dinner would have been a little anti-climactic without the murderer in attendance!  All's well that end's well.  :)