it's just a sweet, sweet rit-u-al baybehh

Just when I got all excited and pulled my warm clothes out, the mercury rose right back up, as if to say "PSYCH!"  Times like these call for vegan pumpkin sundaes at Sweet Ritual.  Because hey-- it's still October, and we have every right to feast on pumpkinny treats when the rest of North America does.

I looove Sweet Ritual.  Their ice cream is plant-based-- made of mostly coconut and some soy-- and everything, right down to the chocolate sauce, cookie dough, edible glitter, and marshmallows, is completely vegan.  It's housed inside of The Daily Juice Cafe (which is already a wonderful, very zen space) and, as much as I hope they have their own shop someday, I absolutely love their little old fashioned counter!

Back to the pumpkin sundae: vanilla softserve, pumpkin sauce, caramel, pecans, and toasted marshmallows (nearly burnt- the best kind!).  YUM.  I never actually did get to making ice cream this summer, but I guess it's not too late...