licensed to relax

The day after the wedding, we went to the Hard Rock Casino for brunch and mingling with whoever could make it out before hitting the road.  (And I learned how to play roulette!)

I also had Willi cut my hair off for a new, "married" look! :) Really though, my hair had gotten to be as long as it probably ever had been in my life.  I was purposely growing it for the wedding but had recently tired of the mop on my head-- it needed to go!

After much organizing and cleaning, we were all packed up and ready to go....And I mean PACKED:

barely room for a doodle!

But not before heading into Los Lunas to hand in our paperwork and make it all official:

And then it was off to Truth or Consequences to get this mini-moon started...we were both in dire need of some relaxation...