yelpin' it lakeside

Tonight I attended my very first Yelp party as an Elite Yelper.  I do think I am going to enjoy reaping the benefits of this newly acquired status.  This event was a "sparkling soiree" featuring champagne and oysters on the deck of Abel's on the Lake.  They didn't have to ask me twice!

Shanaynay attended as my +1

The waiters at Abel's were continually putting out platter after platter of oysters.  Granted the oysters were not the quality of, say... Perla's or Clark's... but I will definitely be back for their insane happy hour prices and lakeside view:

sunset on the lake

the evening's entertainment: a man in a wet suit suspended above water via aqua jet packs

just Instagrammin' it on the lake

What exactly does it mean to be Yelp "Elite" you ask?  And what are these "Elite parties"?  A little more on that can be found here

Aw yeah, it's a hard knock Yelp life.