game sausage making, Dai Due-style

Today I attended a game sausage making class at Callahan's General Store, led by Jesse of Dai Due.  The class was in part to promote his new book Afield, which is part cookbook and part field guide on hunting and preparing wild game and fish in Texas-- with stunning photos by Jody Horton!  For more details, check out the article I wrote on Afield for CultureMap Austin.

Though my first and only attempt at stuffing sausage this summer turned out pretty well, I took many notes for my next try.  For one, I realize my sausage should've been MUCH colder-- near-frozen!-- which makes grinding a lot easier.  I also learned the best type of fat to use (fatback) and how much (20-25%), some tips for dry curing, and Jesse's method of making sausage links (which, of course, looked like a piece of cake!)

Callahan's also had all sorts of adorable animals at the store, which is something I'd never seen there before!  (Maybe just on the weekends?) And an entire room of chicks for purchase! 

I want goats!!!

I guess this guy is a store mascot of sorts?

one of these bunnies is not like the others!
just a coupla chicks, hangin out!

I also made a note to self: Callahan's has the absolute best selection of heirloom seeds! Don't know what I've been doing getting them anywhere else.  Can't wait to return and plan my spring garden...