halloween 2012

downtown with wilted flowers

Since Carson and I have been a bit busy.. oh, you know, getting married, we weren't able to go all out (costume-wise) for Halloween like we normally do.  A little Dia de los Muertos bride and groom statue my aunt gave me sparked an idea for an incredibly easy, but festive, and very timely costume idea for this year.  And an excuse to re-use my rehearsal dinner dress not once-- but TWICE!  Here are some snapshots from the weekend and then Halloween itself (awkward as it was on a Tuesday-- why can't it just be the last Saturday of October or something?)...

I became a cameo in a pinch!

full body cameo

"the secret," Angel Fire, and the cameo

Susie in a kimono and Laurel the daredevil

Avan as cereal killer- love it!

angry loofah!

...found her soap!  (and then they won a costume contest!)

smashed pumpkin photobooth


Carson played coathanger for Cruella Deville 

apparently they are characters from a Mexican TV show.  ADORBS!!

vroom vroom says Steedo

my old roommate Meg made the best Selena!

Hmmm.. I smell a Kardashian!