reliving the last waltz

The Weight

This weekend I went to an event that topped anything I'd been to in Austin in months!  Don't get me wrong-- there is always way too much going on here.  It's a bit of an adult playground.  But this event was just THAT awesome...and I came to find out it's an annual event!  Ok, now that I've built it up... members from a bunch of great local bands (Mike & the Moonpies, Slowtrain, The Preservation, and many more) covered The Last Waltz from beginning to end!  With endless free rum from Shellback!  And food from Austin Daily Press!

Oh, and Shellback even interviewed me-- don't I look professional, answering their questions so effortlessly with drink in hand? lol

They were looking for stories of great accomplishment-- and I told them about finding my birthmom! And got a pair of shoes out of it too!

Thanksgiving came early!

Austin Daily Press just opened a small brick and mortar shop on the eastside-- can't wait to visit!

Each performance was just as amazing as the next!
And where might an event like this lead us?  To the White Horse of course!