a very top chef bibimbap bar

My friends and I have been talking about doing a bibimbap bar for some time now.  And we finally made it happen!  It was the perfect way to get together and make a simple, healthy, and collaborative meal before everyone went their separate ways for the holidays.  

And, of course, this all panned out with Top Chef blaring on the TV...because what else would we be doing on a Wednesday night?  (we actually threw our bowls together in a delicious hurry during a commercial break, if you must know).  Spoiler alert: I'm still convinced Big Ceej is gonna win the whole damn thing (I'm rootin for him!)

clockwise from top: kimchi, fire oil, radishes, seasoned greens from Leah's garden, mushrooms, sliced flank, Chinese broccoli, eggplant, carrot sticks, sesame seeds, togarashi nanami