chick-sitting for the holidays

Some people walk dogs, others feed cats...but I get to chick-sit for the holidays!  My Jersey mom thought this was very strange.  I explained to her that, in Austin, it is actually not strange at all to have chickens.  In fact, in my last neighborhood (only blocks from my current one), it was quite the norm to have to sit in your car and wait for a gaggle of local chickens to cross the street.  Pretty humorous actually (when you're not late for work already).

I learned a couple things about chicks I didn't know, so I figured I'd share them here, just for the cluck of it!  (har har har)

*Chicks can be given unlimited feed.  Apparently, they can self-regulate, which is more than can be said for most humans!

*Some breeds of chickens are way more skittish than others.  My chick-owning friend Leah encouraged me to reach in and pet them, pick them up, talk to them, etc. because she wants them to be socialized around humans.  But the large, grayish ones were nearly impossible to get near!  You can sort of see them hiding in the back corner of the cage.

*If the chicks get poop crusted on their bottoms, it can be DEADLY!  Disgustingly dangerous!  Luckily, this problem did not arise.

*These chixx were dang messy!  Maybe this is common knowledge, but I had to clean out their water and food dishes multiple times a day because they'd get their bedding into it time and time again.

*Chicks can be pushy and it's really cute!  When I'd put down fresh food and water, they'd sorta wing  and butt each other out of the way to peck at it.  Slow your roll, young chickens!

*They need heat...but not too much!  If they are huddled right under the heat lamp, then they might be cold.  If they are huddled in the corner away from the lamp, they might be too hot.  All in all, they need a lot of attention at this point in their young, chirpy lives!

*My dog was way more interested in what was happening in the chick room than my two cats.  Go figure!