comfort me with sushi

After getting some much-needed housecleaning and organization out of the way yesterday morning, I got in the car and drove out to Jester King to meet Jamison and a special visitor who she met in Albuquerque after my wedding (!!! It's like I played matchmaker without even knowing it-!)

The weather is wacky as ever lately-- after teasing us with some wintry gusts, it's back up to 80 again!  Which meant a drive through the Hill Country with the windows down, playing Christmas reggae!

After conversation over still-my-favorite-beer-in-Austin, I headed back to town because... Carson and I had a date night lined up!! He's been working so much lately, our times together have been few and far between-- especially on weekend nights! 

Our plan was to check out the tree lighting and then walk down Congress to Second Bar and Kitchen, where he'd never been and I'd only been for appetizers a couple times.  The tree lighting was a no-go... as we approached, we were swarmed by strollers and scooters and Segways-- oh my!  It was impossible to even get near the (honestly quite measley looking) tree in front of the Capitol.  Abort mission!  We decided that looking at the tree would make much more sense on... uhh ANY other night... and headed to SBK.

We were seated at an awkward table right up against the bar because I guess that's all they had (though the place didn't look slammed by any means).  We decided on drinks and food and closed our menus....and waited....and waited.  "Ok, 15 minute rule starts now," said Carson (which is actually pretty generous considering we'd already been waiting for a while).  Fast forward 15 minutes later: we are still sitting there and no one has come to take our drink order or even tell us a server will be with us soon!  We decided to just...leave.  Not something I like to do, and I was really looking forward to the food we were about to order..but it was really pretty ridiculous.

So out we walked, right past the two girls at the hostess station, who barely blinked an eye.  (Really?? Wow, SBK, someone's too cool for school...)  Well, now Carson could get the sushi he'd been craving!  We decided to try out Piranha Killer Sushi, mostly because we were starving, had never been there, and Yelp told us it was a couple blocks away.

They had some really creative rolls!  I'm surprised I've never seen crawfish on a roll in Texas before.  The dumplings were nothing to write home about (about what you'd expect from a super-Americanized sushi place), but at that point we were famished and really just needed something to ingest-- stat.  I thought the rolls were fresh and delicious though.

pork and vegetable dumplings with a spicy orange marmelade

sashimi roll: salmon, crab, and scallions wrapped in cucumber

Crunchy tuna roll: panko crusted roll with tuna, avocado, and scallions

volcano roll: a mound of crawfish over a California roll

In the end, though, my favorite thing might been the salmon avocado roll we ordered.  Not especially aesthetically pleasing (hence no photo), but always my fave combination!

Thanks, Piranha Killer Sushi, for being there for us in our time of need. :)