heavenly brie in honor of scotTY

Scotty Revo, one of my oldest friends in Austin and Capricorny as he is, celebrates a birthday which lands just days before Christmas.  This year, we had a little chocolate-and-cheese-themed get-together at his place and, honestly, the brie below is reason enough for a blog post of its buttery own:

baked brie magic created by JD

What you're looking at here, my friends, is a baked brie filled with pistachios and honey.  Soooo good people were cutting pie-sized slices of the stuff.  I managed to snap this photo somewhere in the moments of its very short-lived, though glorious, existence.  

Other highlights did not include my very anti-climactic goat gouda contribution... but DID include:

...An edible lamb!

...A 10 pound chocolate Guinness cake with cream cheese frosting! (Meredith must've DOUSED this thang with Guinness! Bravo!)

These delicious things and more filled our bellies, while wassail warmed them.  

But most beautiful award definitely goes to Scott's fire-red altar.  As celebratory as this season is by definition, the holidays can also be bittersweet...as we so strongly feel the void left by loved ones no longer with us.