ornaments good enough to eat

wrapped ornaments under the tree

Last night I attended an annual ornament exchange at my friend Katherine's house.  Not only can she transform old furniture into reupholstered beauties, but she whips out some of the most delicious baked goods I've ever had! I seriously hope she opens a bakery someday.  For the ornament party, she'd made, among other things, these tiny apple cream pies (which were as tasty as they look on this milk glass plate!)

I walked away with this adorable owl ornament!

When I came home, it was time to put decorate our own tree!

saddest doodledeer

As I unpacked each ornament, I realized I'd acquired a good number of culinary decorations (surprise surprise!)

a carrot from Elgin Christmas Tree Farms

a macaron Lisa got in NJ and a cupcake I got here in Austin

a leftover whisk favor from my bridal shower makes a lovely ornament!

And I recently discovered a bounty of food-themed ornaments at Toy Joy.  (And walked away really fast):

Toy Joy is stocked with delicious ornaments

I love how our tree is filled with all sorts of representations of us!  Look closely and you'll see!

Once the tree is trimmed, the Christmas season truly begins!