top chef fail

photo courtesy of Bravo

This last week's episode of Top Chef was the best so far this season.  Tom Colicchio has never been surlier.  Hugh Acheson never sassier.  And the rest of the judges so...downright displeased with every dish made!  The task at hand was to make a dish using a certain artisanal product from Pike Place Market (looove that market!  Now I can't wait for them to throw some geoduck into the mix and whatever other odd sea creatures can be obtained in Seattle...)

Just as I was really starting to like CJ, he and Tyler (whose vacant stare I can do without) got cut for a tasteless pork burger on a soggy crumpet.  The dealbreaker?  The judges made it clear that, not only was their dish plain not good...but using your given product (pickles) in its original form is pretty much like defining a word with itself!

As soon as they said "Let's make a burger!"  I knew they were done for.  Could you be any more obvious?? Anything would've been better.  What about a pork empanada with a some kind of pickled relish?  Or pickles used in a dessert somehow?  (Chocolate-covered pickles?? I could get into that!)

But I really have to admit, CJ's backtalk to Hugh Acheson was pretty hilarious.  And while pointing out co-contestants' fails on the way off the stage might be considered sour grapes, he was just saying what others were thinking.  And that kind of diarrhea of the mouth is exactly why I wish crazy Carla wasn't cut either!

And then- it gets better!  CJ beats Kuniko in Last Chance Kitchen with some totally out-there hay ice cream creation! (Why hay was in the kitchen in the first place is beyond me, but it did look pretty good...) 

And it looks like they're adding some way for viewers to vote a loser back on the show via texting?? (Oh, Top Chef, what will you think of next?)

Besides Big Ceej, at this point I am also liking Brooke, Eliza, and Micah....and the possibility of a bit of Top Chef romance between Kristen and Stefan just cracks me up.