a sunny sunday at micklethwait craft meats

pork belly apple rosemary sausage, sliced pork shoulder, spare ribs, and Mexican apple soda

After reading many tantalizing Facebook posts of their ever-changing daily menu, we finally made our way over to the very nearby Micklethwait Craft Meats trailer on the eastside.  Tom Micklethwait's specialty definitely seems to be the sausage and we had fingers crossed it included lamb today (or duck/pork/fig-!?).  No such luck, but we did get to try the apple pork belly rosemary, which was as delicious as it sounds!  

Also hidden under that white bread (which we didn't touch-- I'll be sure to request none next time.. unless of course TM decides to pair up with a local baker/y for fresh, homemade slices!) is tender, sliced pork shoulder and spare ribs which came right off the bone and were juicy and flavorful!  The potato salad had just the right amount of dill but didn't knock my socks off like the cole slaw, which included, among other things, fennel and brussel sprouts!  And definitely some citrus zest in there too.  YUM.  One of the best cole slaws I've had in town!  (I am partial to Ruby's creamy curried cole slaw too...)

Micklethwait's handcrafted smoking trailer

My barbecue connoisseur of a partner noted that, from the taste of MCM's tender and seasoned meats, TM probably brines most everything (except sausage of course).  I simultaneously found it ironic that a line of hopefuls were wrapped around the infamous and over-hyped Franklin Barbecue just blocks away, while we sat in the sun at a shiny new picnic table, savoring these craft meats that were obviously made with great attention to detail.. and a whole lotta elbow grease.  

the whole she-bang